To start a game, copy the only address of ETC that EtcRoyal provides and paste It on CEW web wallet Network ETC (Chainkorea), even you can use Saturn wallet to play filling in the fields with the following information:
step 1
The minimum amount to bet is 0.23 ETC and the gas limit will always be of 34482. The data should be 0x303a0025. Click on generate transaction and make sure your screen looks like this:
step 2
Click on Send Transaction and you will get the next screen:
step 3
Click on Yes, I am sure! Make transaction. You can verify the transaction on
step 4
As you can see in the next example, we won a price from the casino of a total of 0.165 ETC. The reward will go directly into your wallet, in should see an OUT and a CALL tags like the following image.
step 5
It is very simple to play and win the 75% that you bet back, so we hope you enjoy the game based on Ethereum Classic blockchain. Next, we will implement a Classic Mask and we are going to continue adding more games.

We wish you good luck!
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